This Weekend

No reason to be crabby. It looks like the weekend weather is going to cooperate, more-or-less. There’s no telling how many more of these there are going to be before the dark season arrives in full strength, so it is your duty to get out there somewhere to enjoy it. Get down to the water if you can, that’s always a good rule to live by. For a couple of other ideas, click on these…

One of the cool things happening in the Wapato area on Saturday is the Kidical Massive bike ride, part of a larger, multi-city event that is essentially the largest-ever global family bike ride. The ride is open to riders of all ages, and is an effort to show that cities that plan for family biking are more livable and enjoyable. The 3-4 mile route begins and ends at the Wapato Park main lot and gets underway at 11am.

On Saturday evening, the Foss Waterway Seaport is hosting a family program it calls a Pier Peer in Tacoma. It’s a great opportunity for kids of all ages to check out the fish and other creatures that live in the waters of Commencement Bay. Divers bring up curiosities from the deep water, there’s a plankton tow you can participate in, and they’ve even got hot cocoa.

Anything else happening out there? Please comment below, and have a great weekend!

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