An Updated Perspective

Washington-State-History-Museum-Orin-BlombergThis year’s Puyallup Watershed Initiative’s Annual Conference is scheduled for October 26th and 27th – a mere 10 days from now – at the Washington State History Museum in downtown Tacoma. The first day’s events run from 12-5, with the second day going from 8-4.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Carolyn Finney, is a writer, performer and cultural geographer.  Before joining the Department of Geography at the University of Kentucky, she taught Environmental Science, Policy and Management at the College of Natural Resources at UC Berkeley, where she explored how issues of difference can impact participation in the environmental decision-making process.

The conference this year is not only about inclusion and issues of access (central themes in what the PWI is looking to accomplish long-term), it is also a celebration of what has already been done through the efforts of the individual collaboratives. Representatives from each COI will be giving a short talk about how their cooperative programs are growing and changing as their missions become clearer. The results of the ORS impact survey that was circulated earlier this year will be available and can be expected to provide a real-time perspective on the networking and collaborations that are already making the PWI stronger and more effective.

Look for more perspective-changing reports coming in the wake of this year’s conference, and for a better-connected and more capable EECOI in the year ahead.

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