A Simple Question

IMG_1281At least it seems like it should be a simple question at first glance. “What is your vision of an environmentally educated community?” While it started out (in my mind, at least), as a question for the folks who are directly involved in environmental education, I think it’s a good one for each of us in the PWI to answer for ourselves, and to see where those answers will take us.

Regardless of which COI you might be a part of, the idea of sustainability and a sense of respect for the watershed runs through the entire program. That’s by design, but it’s also a fairly consistent with the people and organizations that make up each of the different parts of the Initiative. And, being that environmental education has a part to play in all the COIs, it might be interesting to hear what it means from different perspectives.

Communication being a two-way street and all, it would be excellent to get a little feedback on this one. In an earlier post, I mentioned that there might be some incentives attached… let’s start with the REI Flash 18 day pack up there. Rugged but light-weight, it’s a versatile pack that will work for just about any activity. Send in your response and you could win it (and the stuff inside as well). All comments are welcome.

The question, by the way, originally came out of the EECOI Coordinator interviews and was contributed by Steering Committee member Tanyalee Erwin. I’m sure it wasn’t intended for such wide distribution, but there it is. Thanks, Tanyalee!

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1 Response to A Simple Question

  1. Leo Newberg says:

    An environmentally educated community is a dream. It’s a dream that reminds me of summers from my childhood spent exploring the rivers, woods and mountains of my small yet ever expanding world. It is a dream that was jarred awake as I came to recognize the impact that our everyday choices had on our shared environment. It is a dream that was galvanized into a lifestyle as I committed to creating a better “now” in the hopes of preserving a sustainable future. It is a dream that lives and thrives in the heart and souls of my two young children. An environmentally educated community is one where there is no separation between actions and impacts. It is a community that not only recognizes the consequences and accepts the responsibilities of our actions, but most importantly places the appropriate value on those actions so that attainable resources are put in place to allow the community to realize their common goals. An environmentally educated community creates the opportunity for sustainable change through responsible action. An environmentally educated community allows itself to believe in the world that can be….the world that speaks to us in tones of wind, waves and wildlife. It’s the community to which we are born.


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