Shaking the Bag

FullSizeRenderFor the past couple of weeks, there’s been an open invitation out there for responses that would finish the statement: “An environmentally educated community is…” Given that the EE in EECOI stands for Environmental Education, it would be logical to think that there might be some informed opinions among us about how best to complete that sentence. It is what we do, after all.

And there have been a few responses, but it would be great to get a few more. Everyone who contributes a response will have their name put into a hat with the winner getting to take home this REI Flash 18 day pack loaded with cool stuff. Speaking of which, I just shook the pack again and more stuff fell out… in addition to the Northwest activities book for kids, the pair of Smartwool socks, the hand and toe warmers and the awesome insulated bottle from Klean Kanteen, there’s a Black Diamond Ion headlamp in there too. It’s starting to add up to a pretty good haul, and it could be yours.

It’s not as easy as it sounds at first, but it’s not that hard either. “An environmentally educated community is…” Leave your take on the issue in the comments section and join the conversation.

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1 Response to Shaking the Bag

  1. Kris Symer says:

    An environmentally educated community is one in which business, government, and residents learn about how their actions impact the environment and then change their behaviors accordingly. In such a community, long-term environmental goals supersede short-term profit and convenience. The community understands the environmental impact of its decisions and strives to act in an environmentally ethical manner.


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