What Lies Beneath, and What You Can do About it

PoT vs historic-1With all the talk of methanol plants that is swirling around Tacoma lately, you might think there’s nothing else going on. On another front that is developing down in the tide flats, however, there’s a whole lot of activity at the moment. In fact, the public hearing for the Occidental Chemical Superfund cleanup is this Saturday! This is the portion of Tacoma’s Superfund cleanup that is still the farthest from “clean,” and where there are some weighty decisions yet to be made. Public comment is an important element in the process going forward.

Karen Gogins, from COI partner Citizens for a Healthy Bay (and one of our new Steering Committee members), is helping to organize community members ahead of this weekend’s meeting, and emphasizes the need for citizen feedback on the process. “This is the most polluted portion of the bay that still needs attention,” says Gogins. “It is important that people’s voices are heard and that public comment is taken into account as the cleanup is in the planning stages.”

The hearing, which will be held at the Centre at Norpoint at 10:30am on January 30th, will be preceded by an Open House at 9:30, during which the State Dept. of Ecology will have staff available to answer questions about the site and cleanup process. The Dept. of Ecology will also accept written comments on the draft Remedial Investigation until February 1st. You can send written comments to:

Kerry Graber, Department of Ecology
Hazardous Wastes and Toxics Reduction Program – SWRO
PO Box 47775, Olympia, WA 98504-7775

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