Friday Night at the Movies

6a00d83452403c69e201a51181c59f970c-piThis evening in Tacoma there will be a showing of No Impact Man, a film about one man’s attempt to live for a year without having a negative impact on the environment. This experiment by Colin Beavan and his family is filled with ideas and observations about how living a simpler and less wasteful life can benefit both the people involved as well as the planet.

So much of what environmental education tries to accomplish rests on a more complete understanding of our role in resource use and an attempt to minimize our impacts on the world we live in. As the global population continues to expand, a lighter footprint is going to become even more critical to our long-term survival. This is an opportunity to see how that might work for each of us, not only to survive, but to thrive and be happier in a future with a more perceptive view of the environment.

This showing is sponsored by Tacoma Solid Waste and the Tacoma Food Co-op and will be screening at 7pm tonight, April 15th, at the Center 4 Spiritual Living, 206 North J. St. in Tacoma. (On Division and J St. across from Group Health)

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