Come Together

IMG_0884“Coming together is a beginning;
Keeping together is progress;
Working together is success.”
Henry Ford

The Second Quarter general meeting of the EECOI is on tap this evening. (Literally. We’ll be getting together from 4-7pm today at Engine House #9 in Tacoma.)

Mr. Ford’s words are applicable to the ongoing experience of the Puyallup Watershed Initiative and the EECOI. We have already done quite a bit towards coming together; that is an ongoing process but we have an excellent group of people and organizations that have begun to get some amazing work done. This evening’s social/networking confab is going to be a valuable experience and, with the Year 3 guidelines getting published a few days ago, there will be plenty to talk about. Ideas will be shared, beer will be spilled and it’s probably safe to say that some folks will get a glimpse of their next project as a result of being there.

Also on the go this evening is the unveiling of the EECOI’s new logo. And we’ll do a review of the goals and structure of the EECOI and how it fits into the PWI as a whole. (Mostly for newcomers, but it’s always good for us to step back and get a new view of the larger picture.)

So: E9, 611 N Pine St, Tacoma, 4-7pm. We’ll be in the upstairs rooms. Food and (some) drink provided. Hope you can make it!

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