Changing Pace

Birds-bees-campAlthough the weather forecast for the next 5 days or so makes it seem like Juneuary, summer is right around the corner. For teachers and students, the last week of school is probably this one, and right behind that are the blessed dog days, the quiet afternoons where you can hear the grass grow. The type of days that poems are written about, with the tasty blackberry pies and the barbeque, and the perfume of summer breezes that revitalize your senses.

Yeah, that doesn’t happen at our house either. Summer is just as busy, it seems, as any other time of year. Different routines, though. We adjust to the new schedules easily enough, but there are gaps in the day, even the busiest day, that give us the chance to consider making learning and discovery into everyday ideas, not just something that happens at school. Opportunities in the watershed are many – camps, festivals, community events – that open up real possibilities for better understanding our home.

It’s not just for kids, either; adults are every bit as likely to learn from connecting with their surrounding environment. Do you have summer plans for yourself or your family? Send in a comment, let us know. If you’re looking for a few ideas close to home, here’s some to start with:

Connected Waters Art and Poetry Contest
Family Outdoor Programs and Nature Walk
Birding Field Trips
History Lab Field Trips

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